Abstract Textures 

Perspectives; This painting is all about coming from two perspectives. I wanted to show the ying/yang juxtaposition.

The Rage of My Brother’s Death; In some way, he will live on in this painting. I made a smaller one and it was put in his coffin.

My Granddaughter Loves the Moon.; She calls it her friend. Her mom & I were not getting along. It helped me think of her. I love loud colors and so does she. The colors help me think of her.

Dancing Nancies; I was inspired by the Dave Matthews Band song of the same name. It makes me feel freedom without any restrictions. I also have a deep love of Jackson Pollock’s style & I love colors.

Growing Up on Long Island; As a child, I almost drowned, but I always think about how life would be if I lived in the sea. I’m always trying new techniques. This was my first try at blowing paint around.

Pittsburgh; As an artist in high school, I always wanted to live in Pittsburgh because of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh is known as the steel city & has the most bridges of any city in the world. I now live in my dream city, so I felt the need to pay homage to it.

Pittsburgh; shown in the home of the artist.


War: Heating Up; When I painted this, the war in Iraq was steaming up. I don’t think invading other countries was a good idea for America. I feel it is wrong. America is the red, white & blue circles, while the rest of the world is the black lines we are pinching so we can have more space.

Geometric Shades & Primary Colors; I did a smaller study version of this & loved it. Primitive & back to the basics of life, with overlapping of people’s lives. People come in all shapes & colors, blending together harmoniously. I just want people to love each other again. No war.

Mexico; I lived for a time in Central Mexico – for me, the perfect place to live. The mountains & fresh air, sunshine & wonderful people. The houses are all square and so many different colors. So Beautiful! They looked like this painting in an abstract way.

Leaving Mexico; Wonderful Mexico inspired me.. The colorful houses and I knew at some point I would have to leave. I loved my new country so much. I cried so much when I left.

Title; Year painted; Description 

The Sun & Rain of Maui; I visited Hawaii for 10 days – my dream of dreams all my life. For me, each box is a different feeling/vibe of Hawaii – the sun, the rain on one side of the island of Maui AND the water falls & volcano of the other.

New York, Coming & Going; New York is home. I can move all over the world, but never leave New York behind. The blue is the sad color of leaving when I was 35. The orange is the happiness of returning to visit family & friends.  

War: Heating Up; Displayed in the artist’s home


O’Keefe; I love the smooth flowing lines & shades of blue, rust and green. To me, live goes on. You think you have moved on but you can’t. I was inspired by the artwork of Georgia O’Keefe. I love this color scheme. 

Eileen, Age, Love, Nancy; I’ve added words in this painting. Maybe you can find them…I was thinking of Monet in his later years & his work with flowing lines. This painting is one line, just wrapping around itself with great blobs of color.

Alone; My husband works all day, so I am home, painting alone. If you look carefully, you can see the shape that is alone among the others – separate & apart.. This painting is filled with symbols of life: babies being born. people coming & going: lives lived but ending. 

Paintings line the main hallway of the artist’s Pittsburgh home.

In the Style of… 

Leaves; I love Georgia O’Keefe’s work. Her style of painting with soft shadows, shades of color fading in & out. Leaves are born in the spring & die in the fall, then life renews itself again. I wanted to make my own version of O’Keefe’s leaves by putting 3 of her style of paintings on top of another canvas with a big, dark, drawn background. It is my tree.

Margett’s Gigantic Leaf Trees; Looking at the original version of this painting always give me joy.. There trees are funny & full of life. I did some of this from memory of the original painting and added more large leaf trees with the colorful leaves on the ground.

Margett’s Gigantic Leaf Trees: Shown in the artist’s home.

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